Oursourced digital marketing team

Oursourced digital marketing team

276 %

growth in e-commerce sales


higher ROAS


more traffic from Google

5500 %

growth in Instagram coverage

Here are results from our happy customers. An outsourced digital marketing team gives your business access to a whole team of experts committed to growing your business for less than the cost of hiring one.

We promise you

One place of contact, 10 experts

Our team of experts is made up of people with in-depth knowledge of different subject areas. Whether your problem is Google advertising, social media, article production or technical issues with your website, our team is ready to help and deliver. 

At the start of our partnership, we’ll assign you a digital marketing manager who will act as your trusted advisor and manage the marketing mix to achieve your business growth goals.

We take care of your marketing like our own

You can be confident that agreed on tasks will take action on schedule, and developments will be proactively addressed. Customer service is our #1 priority in every situation.

A cost-effective solution that meets your needs

An outsourced digital marketing team is always a tailor-made package. By discussing your business goals, needs and objectives, we can propose a package that is suited for your business.

We will tailor a package to your needs, giving you access to our entire team of experts for a fixed monthly fee.

One month's notice

We are committed to working hard to achieve results and build long-term cooperation.

If our partnership doesn’t work the way you want, you have the flexibility to terminate your contract.  

We have been very happy with the overall experience and I can't really give any bad feedback... Even in a crisis, everything is handeled well.

If you are looking for an approachable, reliable, knowledgeable, professional partner, then yes, I would choose Folcan again every time based on our experience."

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What can a digital marketing team do?

The digital marketing team designs, implements and develops your company’s digital marketing. The team’s key objective is to find the best digital marketing tools for your business and its industry to convert and engage new customers. 

The team can do things like: 

  • Define a digital marketing strategy and plan 
  • Plan, monitor and develop search engine optimisation 
  • Monitor and track the development of a search engine plan and strategy,
  • Monitor and track content creation for digital channels, e.g. blog or social media, etc. 
  • Implement, optimise and enhance advertising on different channels, such as social media or Google 
  • Conversion optimisation and lead generation 
  • Analysis and implementation of new digital marketing technologies 
  • Providing guidance and training client staff 
  • Collaborating with other marketing or business partners 

What will your digital marketing look like after outsourcing?

At the beginning of the partnership, we have a joint workshop and build a digital marketing plan that your outsourced digital marketing team will then implement. You can be sure that the agreed actions will be taken and the marketing will be continuously developed through testing and in line with new trends.

Meanwhile you’ll save time and be able to focus on developing your business while we take care of the development of your company’s digital marketing.  

When to outsource digital marketing?

If your company doesn’t have the skills, desire or resources to develop and implement a successful digital marketing strategy, you should consider outsourcing your digital marketing. An outsourced digital marketing team is an alternative to working with multiple partners or setting up an in-house marketing team. When you outsource your company’s marketing to Folcan, you save both management time and money.  

With our outsourced digital marketing team service, you have access to both your company’s chosen Digital Marketing Manager and Folcan’s team of experts. This means that instead of hiring one person, you pay a team to design and implement marketing activities that deliver results. This way, you only invest in the work done, and you know what you’re paying for and how much. 

What does it cost to outsource digital marketing?

Building an in-house digital marketing team can be very expensive. Especially given the competition for top talent in the job market. An outsourced digital marketing team is a cheaper option for a company than recruitment, costing on average 40-50% less than recruitment. 

The cost of outsourcing digital marketing depends on the scope of our collaboration and the needs of your business. An outsourced digital marketing team is less than the cost of recruiting one expert and the average cost ranges from €1880 to €3860/month (VAT 0%). 

Where to start?

The cooperation starts with an assessment of your companys needs, on the basis of which we will make you a proposal for outsourcing your digital marketing. Before the outsourcing decision is made, you will have the opportunity to meet your future Digital Marketing Manager and other experts.