Website for your business

Websites are the foundation of your company’s digital marketing. We create websites for your company that generate sales and long-term customer relationships.

Websites designed to your company's needs and goals

Do you want your website to communicate your company’s values and convert visitors into customers? Would you like your website to  compete on Google and serve as a solid basis for your marketing? You have arrived to the right place. We implement websites for your company at a reasonable price, that achieve your business goals.

We can also take care of your website maintenance. You tell us your goals, we take care of the rest!

Our references

The goal of the project was to renew the look and structure of the site, so that it would be modern and convert better. The client also wanted a site that was easy to maintain. After the update, the ROAS of Google advertising alone has improved by more than 50%.


With the website renewal of the Sisustustoimittajat, we wanted to update the pages both visually and technically. The site is optimised to every device and it is flexible to the changes of the company.


Folcan and Temal’s cooperation began at the end of 2020 starting with Temal’s website redesign. Temal was looking for additional help to develop and optimise the new website. Folcan took on the project and successfully completed it.

Futura Drivers

FuturaDrivers, a modern and futuristic driving school, was looking for a partner who could help them improve their customer acquisition. The partnership began with a website and brand redesign.

Why do you need a website?

Properly designed and implemented, a website… 

gives a foundation to your digital marketing

serves your customers around the clock

gathers leads and engages your potential customers 

ranks on Google with keywords for your business 

challenges your competitors online

enables you to sell your products and services online

develops your company’s brand image

enables data-driven marketing management

How does a website project
work with us?

Our way of working is always based on partnership. This allows us to combine your knowledge of your business with our expertise in the overall development of your website.


Assessment of your goals and needs- written offer and approval 

Start by booking a free analysis of your website


Defining the project guidelines and connecting your webhotel

We agree on a schedule for the project, so you’ll always know how it’s progressing.


Technical implementation and first draft of the site

We will go through the website proposal with you and continue to develop the rest of the pages. 


Testing and final touches

We will run the site and make sure everything is working. 


Website launch

Once the website is launched, you can finally share the end result of your project with the world. From here, our collaboration can continue in terms of maintenance and further development.

Our projects always have a one-month reclamation period.

We prefer WordPress for our website designs, why?

We prefer WordPress for our website designs, why?

The world's most popular open source publishing system

In 2021, 37% of all websites in the world were made with WordPress! 

Easy to use

The basic use of WordPress, such as editing content, requires no previous experience or other coding background.  We always offer the option to handle all website editing and development through us, but you can also edit the site yourself if you wish, with us just a phone call away for support if needed.   

Favoured by Google

Search engines like Google love WordPress. The code it produces is semantic, which makes search engine optimisation of WordPress sites effective with the right measures. So it’s no wonder that the WordPress sites we build and maintain consistently bring tens of thousands of organic visitors from Google to the sites. 


WordPress continues to be developed with security in mind, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. As a result, WordPress is secure in its core, so there is no need to immediately install any security-enhancing plug-ins to secure it.  

Easy to add new functionality or integrate with other platforms

WordPress websites scale with your business. You can easily integrate an online store, an appointment calendar, marketing automation or an email marketing tool.

Sounds great, but what is the cost of all this?

We don’t have one fixed price for a website implementation, but we will always make a proposal that suits you, taking into account your current and future business goals, the scope of the implementation and your budget. This enables us to offer you the best quality for the budget you give us. We will go through the proposal with you, discussing which components of the implementation will affect the price and why we recommend them. 

The price will be influenced by the number of pages and content to be produced, the creation and layout of the visual appearance of the page, search engine optimisation and possible optimisation of the website. integrations with different systems. The average cost of a website is between €2 500 and €4 500, with more technically complex projects costing more.

Website maintanance starts from 45€/month. VAT 24% will be added to the price.